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Assorted Baklava
Layers of fillo dough, nuts, sugar, spices.

Medium Tray $16.00
Large Tray  $32.00
Assorted Baklava  $9.00 per lb

Hershey’s Chocolate Pie $1.75 Each
Pain au lait, Hershey’s Choclate, baked to perfection
Shaabiyat   $1.75 Each
Fillo dough, with specialty cream.
Tahini Bread   $2.00 Each
With sesame seed, molasses, cinnamon and sugar
Barazi   $8.00 Per lb
Thin sweet cookies sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.
Assorted Cookies $8.00 Per lb
Sweet or salty continental cookies perfect as a snack, or with coffee.
Ghourabia  $8.00 Per lb
Melt-in-your-mouth exotic shortbread cookies.

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